API Documentation


This API collects data all across the web, where our algorithm detects Proxies, VPN, Tor nodes, Servers, and Robots. This gives developers and businesses a peace of mind when it comes to detecting and blocking IP addresses associated with Proxies, VPN, Tor nodes, Servers, and Robots. This tool also helps prevent shopping or click fraud, prevent unwanted users from blocked locations, reduce fake accounts and spam, prevent bots and malware, and more!

To use our API, you must follow the URL structure that is provided below:


After that, you should get an output json similar to this:

{"status":"success","ip":"","hostname":"","location":{"country_code":"US","country":"United States"},"operator":{"asn":"","isp":""},"security":{"is_vpn":true,"score":"10","risk":"medium"}}

Success Story: This API was deployed against an abusive British publication and gained 99% of success to prevent them from entering site and do abuse by claiming copyright ownership of my content even where just mentioned the name of their product or publication. They were successfully doing it on YouTube as well as to my hosting providers for years because the people they were reporting to were from another world and did not understand or able to verify the truth or even knew what is their actual product but removing my content was the easiest way to solve the conflict for them. I even block their whole region but they kept coming back using VPN so finally I had to take tougher action to kick them out at least from my owned property by using this API. Slowly they gone blind because of the brutality like a beast this API done on their access and were unable to report my content. Now days I do not need this API anymore because I left them behind so making it public and maybe it will become useful to someone once again. Who knows!

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